the recipe cards are here!

can i just tell you that the more i fiddle with beta the more i love it?? oh yes, it is good. you know what else is good? all your enthusiasm for this idea! yah! so glad you all are as excited about this idea as i am. anyway. enough feel good gushing, lets get to the nitty gritty. the recipe cards. if you look over there to the right, you will see a link to two sizes of recipe cards that you can download. clicking either will lead you to a pdf that you can print to card stock as many times as your little heart desires. cut them out, write down a recipe from here, from your own collection, from where ever! doesnt it just feel good to copy down a recipe by hand? i think so. but i also tend to be a freak about lettering and have been known to throw a card away and start all over if i make a mistake. if you are at all like that, dont worry! pdf + printer = a very very good thing. i should be back with a recipe soon, until then, take a moment to go visit sweet sweet molly. she is a true master/foodie/damn fine writer and photographer and i love her blog. i have already used many a recipe from her treasure trove and plan to continue to point you all to ones that i particularly love... mmm mmm. have a good weekend friends!


molly said...

hannah, I'm so excited about this idea! and the cards are fantastic. i just dll'd my first one!!

beth said...

great design, hannah.

tracy said...

oh thank you for the cards my friend... love! (beta love here too!)

Leslie said...

OhMyWord! The cards are fabulous. . . love, love!

I'm so bummed I have to dash out of the house right now. . .I can't wait to come back to read more!

Scallop + cute fonts = swoon!

Molly said...

Hannah, you're just dreamy. Thanks for the shout-out, m'dear!