do you still have a can of pumpkin?

potato + pumpkin + leek =
if you do, dont shove it to the back of your pantry for next year. drag that can out, grab a few potatoes and pick up some cream and leeks from the store on your way home tonight. you are going to want to make this one. this little number comes directly to me from one special lady that i know has plenty more amazing recipes tucked up her sleeves, or at the very least stuffed in an apron pocket somewhere. thanks amy!

pumpkin leek potato soup

3-4 leeks chopped
3-4 russet potatoes chooped
1 can pumpkin (15oz)
1/4 c butter
1 carton soup broth 32 oz. (or water)
1/2 cup half and half (or evaporated milk if you want less fat)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
juice from one lemon
1-2 teaspoons salt
cracked pepper
1 tbl brown sugar (to taste)

saute the leeks until wilty in the butter on low/med heat for about 10-15 min,season with salt and pepper. add chopped potatoes and the broth and bring to boil and simmer until soft, about 30 min. add canned pumpkin and puree with a stick blender or in a blender. stir in half/half and the seasonings. taste as you go. It should be sweet/sour with just a hint of cinnamon, adjust as necessary. If you are in doubt, add more brown sugar.

you can leave the potatoes unpeeled for a more rustic texture. It
makes a thick soup,feel free to add more broth or water to thin it to the consistency you like. and if you are like me, go ahead and crumble a little cooked bacon on the top. enjoy and stay warm if you just got buckets of snow like us midwesterners!


Anonymous said...

Heeey! I tried your pumpking soup! OMGBBQROTFL! So YUMMMY!

cheerleader stacy

Donna said...

this soup is SO AWESOME!! thanks for bringing it to the party.

lauren said...

yum, that looks delicious!

Mary Beth said...

Sounds delicious. I love all things pumpkin. I have another use for leftover pumpkin puree--pumpkin butter. So good on an english muffin. The recipe is on my blog if anyone is interested. By the way, I just found your delightful blog. Everything looks so yummy!

woof nanny said...

Holy cow this looks good! I must try it.

reya said...

oh yum...i love the combination of all these ingredients here. i'll have to pick up a can of pumpkin on my trip to the expat supermarket.

p.s: lovin this blog hannah. i'm kicking myself for not getting to it sooner